Things we are reading today - July 11th, 2023

ChatGPT with Code Interpreter might be most useful for those who do not code at all. It essentially allows the most advanced AI available, GPT-4, to upload and download information, and to write and execute programs for you in a persistent workspace. The author in this article has had the alpha version of this for a couple of months since he was given access as a researcher off the waitlist and provides a little bit of guidance as to why he thinks this is a huge deal, as well as how to start using it.

Apple removed several predatory lending apps from the App Store in India this week. The apps offer fast-track lending to consumers in India, climbing to top 20 of the finance list on the App Store in recent weeks. Some digital platforms, exploiting regulatory loopholes, are offering almost instantaneous, unsecured loans.

News media outlets are struggling with how to deploy AI chatbots, which can now create essays, poetry, and stories that are frequently impossible to tell apart from human-written content. Numerous media outlets that have experimented with employing AI for news gathering and authoring have experienced high-profile failures. This article talks about how Gizmodo a publication dedicated to covering technology, rolled out falsely written articles by AI when it posted on its site a error-filled story about the Star Wars movies. This demonstrates that chatbots are occasionally prone to fabricate facts, omit information, and write in a manner that leans towards opinion, which is why a number of journalists and editors claim they don’t trust chatbots to produce carefully researched and fact-checked stories. Large language models still suffer from a number of technological flaws that make them an untrustworthy source for journalism. AI is a solution looking for a problem.

Though prospects for a spot bitcoin ETF hitting the US market remain uncertain, industry watchers say an SEC-approved launch would likely be among the largest ever. ETFs within crypto investment products last week hit $37 billion, according to CoinShares data. The fund grew to more than $1 billion in assets under management in its first two days.