Things we are reading today - July 18th, 2023

Everyone believes that there will be a lot more automation coming, and with the misconception that everyone has a fixed amount of work to be done and that if some work is taken by a machine, there will be less work for people. However, this article talks about how it need not be that way and how we’ve been applying the Jevons Paradox to white-collar jobs for 150 years when we went from farm work to blue-collar work to white-collar work. And now that we’ll automate the white-collar work as well, will there be nothing left to do?

How you live depends on which seeds you water. A person who is passively patient waits for the universe to give them what they think they deserve. Passive patience violates Newton’s third law, which states, 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ The world isn’t indebted to you, and no one is destined to come your way, tap your shoulder, and present you with the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for. That is why the most effective form of patience is active patience. Active patience means taking significant steps today to set yourself up for future success. Here is the key lesson: Active patience puts the world on your side.

Twitter may have first appeared to be an underwhelming jumble, but over the years, as users have followed, unfollowed, liked, muted, and blocked each other, it has evolved into a structure that is constantly in conversation with the feed algorithm. Twitter has always been about which tweets appear in your timeline and in what order. While there are obvious structural reasons why mass distribution can be unpleasant, users frequently mention how Twitter felt worse once they reached a certain number of followers. One disadvantage of a mass following was the loss of that sense of speaking to a group of people you mostly knew, if not personally, then through tweets. If Twitter’s journey embodies the principle that the most valuable thing was the relationships we made along the timeline, then the story of its collapse will begin the minute we can no longer find those friends on that timeline.