Things we're reading today - 23rd May 2023

“Help Me Write” is the first shot of generative AI features Google has planned for its productivity suite, under the umbrella branding of Duet AI for Workspace. This article shows the results of Duet AI being put to test its writing. This is a glimpse into the future of productivity apps.

Statistically, Americans are now more likely to be the victim of theft online than a physical break-in at home. Americans lost more than $10 billion last year to online scams and digital fraud. What’s AI’s hand in this? How are the aged being targeted?

You can learn more about investing from games and betting than from books. The investing books are fine for knowing the mechanics of the market just as the rulebook is essential to play Scrabble. But the rulebook, like the textbooks, teaches you nothing of how to be good at the game at hand. This article explains two types of adaptive thinking.

Morgan Housel is an OG when it comes to writing books on finance. He’s of the “Psychology of Money” fame. He recently was interviewed by Tim Ferris, an American entrepreneur. A few important parts of the 3-hour interview have been highlighted in this piece.

Places around the world with the highest life expectancy are called Blue Zones. They live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without even thinking about it. Researchers determined that routine natural movement is one of the most impactful ways to increase your life span and a common habit among the world’s longest-lived populations.

Big Ag’s (which translates to largest agribusinesses on Earth) rising profits are a major force behind inflationary food prices time and again. Big Ag also destroys the planet’s natural resources, violates existing labor laws, and engages in atrocious and inhumane animal processing practices amongst other things. Why monopoly is dangerous in Big Ag and the impact it has on economic power and social costs.

Because of extreme concentrations of wealth and political power, America is experiencing severe economic inequality, stagnant household income, the collapse of business formation and innovation, and historic levels of political polarization.

Ireland is set to be the world’s first country to mandate health labeling on alcoholic drinks by mentioning calorie content, grams of alcohol, risks of cancer and liver disease and dangers of drinking while pregnant. Similar information will also be made available in pubs and other licensed premises.

What are the pressing issues in the broker-dealer space that keep the top securities regulators up at night? “B-D/IA arbitrage”. Advisors in the US have been flouting the boundaries between charging clients fees and commissions.