Things we're reading today - 4th November 2022

“For the first time in more than 15 years, the US and Indian markets have shown a strong divergence in trends, breaking a close correlation cycle seen over the years.”

“The usual narrative about the “Volcker shock” leaves a lot out — and policymakers risk learning the wrong lessons.”

“No matter how smart the world becomes, the best answer will always be, “You’ve got to figure it out for yourself.” A lot of things work like that. Some of the most important topics are the hardest to teach, and real world experience is the only school."

“There is a real path to saving planet—using simultaneous government policies to accelerate transition to cheap renewables. Pointing fingers, assigning blame, allocating sacrifices and curbing lifestyles are not helpful ways of putting us on that path.”

“Good positions are expensive, but poor ones cost a fortune. Spend less time worrying about maximizing your immediate results and more time maximizing your ultimate results.”

“If there is a critical mass of people who believe in asset X these social networking effects create exponentially fast growth in investors which very quickly overwhelms the number of investors willing to sell the asset.”