Think different: How the Big trader earn money easily?

To understand how the big trader makes money, Lets consider this an example.


Date: 6-Mar-2018


Traded Volume (shares):80,63,223
Deliverable Quantity (gross across client level):14,05,359


Traded Volume(contracts):7,485
Market Lot:4000
Open Interest: 1,64,28,000
Change in Open Interest:6,00,000


Total Call Volume (contracts):2,476
Total Put Volume(contracts):1,415



High-Low = 203.35-180.10 = 23.25 (12.9% down)

Futures Volume(Contracts):7,485
Market Lot:4000
Futures Volume(shares) = Futures Volume(Contracts) * Market Lot
Futures Volume(shares) = 7,485 * 4000 = 2,99,40,000

Options total Volume = Total Call Volume + Total Put Volume
Options total Volume (Contracts) = 2,476 + 1,415 = 3891
Options total Volume (shares) = 3891 * 4000 = 1,55,64,000

Cash Volume(shares):80,63,223
Futures Volume(shares):2,99,40,000
Options total Volume (shares):1,55,64,000
Total FnO volume(shares) = 4,55,04,000

The concept is they need to move the price in spot market and take more positions in derivatives market. In this case, ADANIENT went down 12.9% from the High price, the total volume of 80.6 lakhs shares. In FnO market, the total volume is 4.55 Crores shares Which is almost 5.5 times more than the spot market.

So they easily moved the price in spot market and made huge money in derivatives market.

They are also scared of over-night position that’s why the change in open Interest is always small.

Open Interest: 1,64,28,000
Change in Open Interest:6,00,000
Change in Open Interest(Contracts):6,00,000/4000 = 150 contracts. Only 150 contracts are taken for overnight position in future market out of 7,485 contracts.


Hmm. Convincing.

But we cant do such things right ?

So either we have to stop Trading or Going with Trend.

I chosen Going with Trend.

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Yes. We can’t do such things.

I think its hard to predict these big traders. If we are lucky then we can put some trades on the same side of these big traders.

If I have money I would do the same to increase my wealth

Beginner here. Can someone explain to me whats going on?

Hey @Stock_Alert

I am pro trader from last decade and i can understand than whenever a trder finds new trading system he is very excited and thinks its a gold mine until finding that such things look good on paper and not in practice world.

My experience tells me that moving market by one single client is almost impossible no matter what size you have.Even if you try and succeed today or tomorrow you are likely to hit by news event that takes stock to unbelievable levels during intraday.

i am not against this system but my concern is you may move market for few minutes not more than that.



Do you know about derivatives segment FNO ? If you already know it would be easy to explain

I think It may not be single client. it must be group of peoples plan together and move the market. Due to the huge variation of volume between FnO and cash market, they may lose a bit on cash market but make huge money on FnO.


That would be illegal and u cant trust anyone as per my opinion.