“THOMSON REUTERS STOCKREPORTS+” is a comprehensive tool designed to provide detailed insights and analysis on stock performance. It offers investors and traders access to a wide range of information, including historical data, financial metrics, and market trends. With customizable features, users can tailor reports to their specific investment strategies and preferences. Whether you’re a novice investor seeking basic stock information or a seasoned trader looking for in-depth analysis, Stock Reports Plus aims to deliver actionable intelligence to support informed decision-making in the dynamic world of finance.
It was provided by Zerodha with a nominal cost to its clients which has been withdrawn now. Shouldn’t it be restarted once again?

Hi @Mrinal_67

Starting from August 2022, Zerodha discontinued its support for Stockreports+. As a result, we are no longer accepting new subscriptions for this service.

However, We have now partnered with Tijori, a platform offering comprehensive financial insights. Do check it out and kindly give us the feedback for the same :slight_smile: