Tick By Tick Chart In Zerodha,

Please tell when tick by tick intraday chart will be introduced in zerodha?


hello trader,

Tick By Tick chart plotting , not likely to be introduced on any free retail trading platforms in India.

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Sir, it is already in Power Indiabulls and it is provided free to all customers. Only one drawback of Indiabulls is that it charges brokerage slightly high.

Hmm… if someone is claiming to give tick by tick chart over internet, he is probably confused/misleading you. It is technically not possible to provide tick by tick chart.

Copying from an earlier answer.

Tick Data: Market data that shows price and volume at every print, it also includes information about every change to the best bid and ask.

In a single trading day, there are millions of such ticks recorded (remember this also includes change in best bid and ask prices) and it is technically not possible for any trading platform to show all ticks, especially live and on a normal broadband internet connection.

If you really want to see all the ticks, NSE does have Tick by Tick data feed1 which is a lot more expensive than the normal data feed, and will have to be subscribed to througn any of the authorized NSE data vendors (Not all of them give you tick by tick data). Also to be able to make best use of this tick by tick data, you should ideally be on the NSE collocation which would mean that your systems are inside NSE itself, so that accepting all the millions of ticks will be quite efficient.

Tick by Tick data is usually what professional High Frequency and Arbitrage trading firms use, don’t think there is anything much a normal retail trader can do with it.

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Adding to what Nithin’s Said,

I agree that there may be millions of ticks for a stocks,
and it is practically impossible to send over internet.

But,I guess people who querying for Tick data may not referring to those millions of ticks.
They may be referring to the Ticks just you see in the trading platform.
Of course what you see in the trading platform is just snapshot, but have better clarity.

Bcoz, most of the data vendor will provide only data for a minimum time frame of 1min and will have just 4 prices (OHLC).But within that period, your trading platform may have more prices.

Here are after Tick data means the LTP You are getting in the Trading platform.

To add more clarity and justifying my points i.e why Tick Data is better.

Below find two chart images for NIFTY17FEBFUT (27 Feb 17) with range bar(200R)

The first one is plot with LTP’s captured from Nest (Pi also work).
The Second one is plotted with One min Time Frame.



By seeing the two charts, you can clearly tell that Tick chart is more and better
clarity than 1min chart.

Another example is…
Im calculating Avg Price on the First Min i.e 091500 to 091559.
You can see the avg price for 1min and Tick Data is definitely different as
Tick data has more prices in that time where as 1min as only four prices…

Avg price of Tick data is more accurate than 1min.
The above is just an example to illustrate that Tick data is far better than 1min data.

&& the price you are getting in Nest or PI is most of the time faster than the data providers.


can you please explain how to capture LTP and plot
thanks in adavce

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Can second by second tick data be used for Intraday Trading. Is it better than trading a Time Series chart

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Read this

GDFL claims to provide second by second tick data for NFO will that be TYPEI OR TYPEII Data. Can that be used to make a 144 tick chart for Intraday

Well Tick by Tick makes no sense… it’s actually called Range Chart! Currently not available on Zerodha!

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It’s called snapshot data … maybe they don’t even have that basic one … there are multiple ticks in one second , sometime not … not talking about micro second data …
iqfeed and ninjatrader should work on this … would be better … ninja, sierra specially

Is it possible to get one day’s tick by tick data? My interests are in training a ML/DL model using the most granular available data. A day’s data is a good start for modelling.

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