Ticker paused for a while

Hi @nithin @siva I’m highlighting an issue that I have observed a number of times while trading. Many a times when there is a big move, the ATM strikes that stand to make money off the move, go static without any ticks and trades not being executed. This happened yesterday for BNF 34600 PE where I was taking a short position at 9:20 and the CMP was approx 415 but the ticker wouldn’t refresh or the order wouldn’t get through for almost a couple of minutes. But when the option does come alive eventually, the CMP is 163. This is not immediately at the market open but after 5 minutes.

Why and how (in your opinion) does this happen and the price drops with no trades go through? Is this one of the many ways how the big boys screw us over.?! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is due to execution range, check this for more.

I have noticed it get in and out of range several times within a narrow half an hour band making a mockery of skills based trading.

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Is this implemented only on Zerodha ? Or its standard process. ?

Not by Zerodha, it is by NSE.