Tickertape to Tijori?

Did Zerodha remove TickerTape and add Tijori as default fundamental analysis tool?

Yep. The new widget has a lot more.


But still using Tickertape in Kite App? Isn’t that confusing to save watchlists and portfolio tracking?

Usually, we launch everything on the web, followed by mobile. Give it a few more days.

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Please move back to tickertape, Tijori SUCKS!!!


Hi @_satya, could you please provide your detailed feedback so we can look into this?

Have been observing Fundamentals > Tijori for a while.
TickerTape is better over Tijori.
Can we have a option to choose TickerTape over Tijori.
Zerodha can set one default but as a user we should choose our own.
Please create a Poll for TickerTape and Tijori for default setup in X or Kite or via Form.

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This is more comprehensive than the Ticketape one, which just had high-level insights, all of which are also available on the new widget. Things always feel weird when you are used to a particular app/product and they change. Please give it some time, and I’m sure you’ll love the new widget.

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I am a flexible person on updates. But here I am not agreeing with you the insights are not useful to me after observing for a while now…
As a user i want the feature to choose my option. Either its Tickertape or Tijori. You simple cant force me to take it.
Right ?

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Ah sorry, it’s not possible to offer both. I’m still unable to figure out what exactly seems to be the issue.

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I had subscribed to the Premium version of TickerTape and since it is removed, now I have to manually go and check on their app, which breaks the user experience. If I have to use Tijori, then I will have to sign-up for a Premium account for that too.

It would be ideal to allow us to choose the service we have subscribed to.

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Check out Tijori’s free plan.

List of mutual funds holding that stock was shown by ticker-tape. It was not shown by zerodha but on the main ticker-tape website.

The UI was also a lot better. Tijori UI is less appealing, but the insights are definitely more.

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Are you really trying yo enforce your views or the company’s views to a user? I have the same issue. I loved tickertape and had premium credentials and now I have to seperately go and check it. What’s the problem in letting users choose what to integrate?

I thought product teams hear user’s feedbacks and not enforce their views. Tijori is shit. I ahve been a zerodha loyal user since 4.5 years and if this is the company’s attitude I will transfer all my assets to a different broker. No wonder zerodha lost the no.1 spot for brokers. Listen to your users and let them choose. I and many people use tickertape daily multiple times to make decisions on stock buy and sell and Tijori doesnt please me.

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I think ticker tape is far better than Tijori. There is no exchange related news in fundamentals.

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Even I was surprised after recent updates to app that I am not able use ticket tape where I have premium version. Definitely should give option users unless there is financial kickback attached.

Zeordha Team, I took premium subscription from Ticker Tape just because it was integrated with kite/zeordha. Now, without any prior announcement, you have changed the integration to Tijori. They are also asking for premium subscription to fully utilise their platform. It doesn’t make any sense for us to keep paying money as and when you guys switch these integrations unilaterally. As suggested by someone, please take the poll and then can hear the voice of the customer. Better to provide option to the user so there you are not impacting the user experience. I hope that this will be given a serious consideration.

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Ok, so let me list down the problems of Tijori, may be if you can give those options in Tijori this uproar qould settle.

  1. News sections. The market analysis news, events etc which should be there in Tijori
  2. Analyst rating along with future predictions which we as a premium customer gets from TT
  3. Easy to navigate 1 month, 6 month, 52week and all time chart for the shares
  4. When you list down Peers of a particular share (financials - Peers) then give link on those peers/competitors so that users can access the fundamentals of those shares as well
  5. Give some option like Screener as well
  6. Future predictions? Like Tickertape…
    Alot needs to go in… Please work hard for your customers…

Those were available only on main Tickertape app right? Not on the zerodha version of TT?

News will be available in the widget in the next couple of weeks.

We’re trying to figure this out.

You mean redirect to the peer section of the Tijori website?

These are always subjective and may not always be for the best. Will see if we can include something.