Time series for futures contracts

Presently getting hold of individual time series for each futures contract is  possible in PI. As an example, when I open  NIFTY15OCTFUT , I get the entire data from the start date 31 July for this contract.  But what I really want is the historical Time-Series data  for the  last 60 months  (the time frame for which data is available in PI)

And , in the case of NIFTY15OCTFUT, I have the option of looking at the underlying asset ie; NIFTY itself. 

My doubts:

  1. Is it possible to get the daily charts of NIFTY for the last 60 months in PI ?
  2. Is it desirable to look at the NIFTY chart for taking a position in NIFTY15OCTFUT.  Or should I be looking at the futures contract NIFTY15OCTFUT ?
  3. What is the  underlying asset for  CRUDEOILM15OCTFUT ?  Can I get the daily chart of the same for 60 months in PI ?


  1. Yes we will soon give historical daily data on Indices for much longer.

  2. Currently we don’t have continuous future chart. But we are working on offering it very soon.

  3. Underlying fro Crude mini is Crude oil. But it doesn’t trade on the Indian exchanges, so no you can’t get data of the underlying.

It will be great to have continuous future chart. Thanks Nithin .