Timing problem with kite update

In the updated kite, the time showing below the graph is not correct. The graph shows trading time from 7.00 am to 2.00 pm . Is there any settings to change the time, or what is possible reason and solution for this problem.

I have attached the screenshot. Kindly clarify the query.

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Even I am facing the same issue …

Can you clear your browser cache and re-login, that should fix it.

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Also can you make sure the system time is IST(Indian Standard Time).

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Its IST not ISD :wink:

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Thanks, it’s a typo, corrected.

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do we have to from now on keep clearing cache, history,cookies everyday? seems the delay and slow problem persists . Also, please let us know when will this get fixed ?

Thank you siva and Bhuvanesh

I changed the time settings to IST and also cleared the cache.

Now time is displaying correctly.:slight_smile:

You must be happy at least…
In my graph it’s showing the time from 4AM… lol
As per CC, Pi takes in the time from our PC time. But this is not the case. Either it’s Kite or Pi, it’s starting from 4AM for me.