TNPL Analysis & worries

Has anyone looked into TNPL paper stock fundamentals & technicals ?

I had bought in the 2018 peak and the stock is no way near it right now.

What to do now ? Is it a good long term bet ? Is there any chance to scale 200 ?

I am just sharing my experience after buying a stock at the peak price, just sharing Technical views, what i will do if i where you having stocks like TNPL at the peak price,
If you look at the chart of TNPl , its being accumulated with high volumes at the same price where it was accumulated before the year 2015, with upside bias. So if i where you,
1, I would accumulate /average it out ,wait for the right time and exit , for example i bought Karur Vysya Bank at the peak price of Rs.140 during 2018 & it went down to Rs,20 , i accumulated /averaged it and exited with profit . it took almost 5 Years.
2. I would use the amount equal to the money required to average out TNPL , buy another trending stock & trade , cover the loss in TNPL.

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Seems to be TNPL is started moving in your favor :slightly_smiling_face: