To keep or Switch ? Syndicate Bank Purchase 1000 at 88.38

I have purchase Syndicate bank 1000 share at @88.38 on Friday and since then it is o=going down. Please advice to keep or switch

Hi Shashi,

Zerodha does not provide any advisory services. So nobody from Zerodha would suggest you anything. On the long term all stocks are good, but if you feel the ship is sinking now, its your call whether to hang on to it or abandon ship.


Have you checked delivery Percentage before buying???

On Thursday delivery Percentage was 11.2%
On Friday delivery Percentage was 18.08%
On Monday delivery Percentage was 10.09℅

It’s clear Indicate Investors are not ready to take delivery of the Stock.

Stock is Trading below it’s 20 EMA & 5 EMA for Short term stock have to trade above these averages to reach your Buy Price.
And I see Resistance at 88 levels.
when Everyone was selling You Bought.

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If I was in your place, I would exit from it at 87/88.
There are many fundamentally strong companies where you can invest Rs.88000 and expect good returns.
PS: This is my personal opinion.