To know a answer regarding implied volatility

Strike Price : nifty 10500 CE
According to nsc website implied volatility : 23.06
Zerodha sensibul shows that 25.2 is the implied volatility on that strike price.
Question 1.
Which is correct?

According to nsc website the implied volatility of last trading day was : 23.24 and today is 23.06 so it is reduced by 0.18
According to Zerodha sensibul today vega is 7.50
Question 2.
So how much money will be deducted from premium?


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Can I come to know what was the implied volatility according to sensibul of last trading day on that strike price?

Wait for @Sensibull’s reply, they will solve all your queries. Until then you can read this to know why there are differences between NSE and Sensibull IV.

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Thank you