To which funds can we switch our mutual funds?

I have a Tata pharma sector mutual fund and I want to switch from this find to Nippon India pharma fund but it does not show me an option to do so. I can only see all the other Tata funds as an option which I try to switch

What is the switch rule? Can we only switch within the same AUM?

Simply redeem and Invest.

Or do you see any donwside if you redeem Tata and invest in Nippon?

Switching can happen only between same AMC funds, not between different AMCs.
Simply redeem and invest it in new fund.

Depending upon the amount for redemption and the tenure of the invested funded, consider the capital gains as well

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There is no such thing as switching. Even when AMC provide switching option, they are just selling current fund and buying into new fund. Profit made on fund sold will still attract required taxes.

So just sell Tata pharma and buy nippon pharma and forget about switching.