Todays Nifty candle

Today’s nifty’s day candle looks like

  1. a hanging man with long wick
  2. Three falling crows if you remove the wicks.
    EOD, I actually squared off some long position I bought during day fearing it could turn out to be a crow

Yes it does form a Hanging Man.

Date : 21st Sept 2017.

That’s what makes the technical analysis an imagination of our minds. (& mind totally sucks at times)
I thought of asking other traders what did they think about today’s candle

The global indices (European at the moment) are still supporting, until then I will not panic.

I added two more lots of Nifty futures and two lots of Puts. Total four lots of Future Long and two lots of puts long.

Market may go for time correction, i.e it will meet 20EMA this month till then it is consolidation

Govt. is planning for Fiscal stimulus, it is big positive. there are still some hiccups due to GST, but don’t go by media, they always glorify negatives and never report positives in time.