Tomorrow govt. Is going to announce 7th Pay commission likely. So any views what type of stocks will get affected by it?


I think auto sector will have larger impact on implementation of 7th Pay Commission


It will impact N number of the sectors but the intensity will vary.

The below mentioned stocks will benefit more in short term.

Auto sector:


Bajaj Auto

Hero Motocorp

AC Sellers:


Blue Star


consumer durables, travel & leisure, real estate and textiles, among others are likely to benefit from the pay out.

The majority of the government employees are already owning the house…So when they receive arrears in bulk they Will tend to buy these types of products like AC or car or other consumer goods…so they will usually benefit…for your information China’s AC penetration is 25 percent where us ours just 2 percent…so see the potential in the coming years when ours per capita income increase steadily…