Tools and Resources for Auto Trading

Hello Friends. Here I will be sharing the tools and resources that will be useful in Auto Trading. I am in the process of automating my own trading, therefor spending a lot of time in checking out currently available best tools etc. in the market for retail traders.

To begin with, I am sharing this really good webinar named " Tradetron Demo with live execution (Hindi).” In this they explain how allows you to create your own strategy or subscribe to others strategy from marketplace and deploy it in your own brokers account.

I am also sharing a slide that shows how it is useful for different category of Market Participants.

One of good things about Mr. Umesh Ranglani “CEO at” is that he is very open for all kind of inputs and feedback from traders so that the interests of the retail traders as well as the trading strategy sellers, both are met. They are quick to make the necessary changes asked by the users.

They have also partnered with zerodha so that we can easily deploy their strategies quickly - Configure-Zerodha

I hope this information will be useful to those who are interested in Auto Trading. I will be posting more such info here. If someone has, any practical experience with such tools then please share your experience.

Thanks and Best Regards

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how has been you experience till now ?? I am also, using this