Tools for option trading


Looking tools for option trading giving chart on OI, VIX, greeks, futures, spot, different strike price, chart showing rate of historical changes of above indicators for customize time frame
the tool should allow to add above indicators in same window in order to compare the effect of each indicator



Check Sensibull or Quantsapp. These tools supports various indicators and OI/VIX charts.


i checked sensibul, quantsapp, optionastra etc. all are giving in numbers OI,theta,gamma, delta
now it is time consuming to relate these numbers and then o find the profitable trade


I have checked OI in Quantsapp. They show OI changes/buildup as a graph. But for this you have to purchase their subscription.


I have it in the link I will provide along with platforms itself if you really like it, see it here my point of view - Do let me know what you all think of that and let’s go on with that later no matter what.


all option trading tool will ask user that whether market/ stock is bullish or bearish and by what date… how user will know that… why tool can not find out the probability whether market/ stock will go up or down.? Based on user input, tool will generate the strategies. Most of the retail users loose money in option and futures … it is safe to invest in stock…