Top performing Mutual Fund for a week or month

Hello all
I have a motive, and i want to invest lumpsum amount in MF.
Thing is i dont want to keep it for long term, it should be maximum for a month and minimum can be a single day as well.
And I’m expecting return around 4%.

Is there any mutual fund which can gurantee me this much interest or even more?

hmm… getting 4% month on month in a mutual fund is nearly impossible. Indian mutual funds historically have given 12 to 15% annualized. Also it is best not to trade mutual funds like the way you are mentioning, it is not meant to be used like that.

Yes i know that’s kind of impossible or atleast difficult to get 4%.
But what if i select the aggressive fund and keep check on that, whenever i found this is around 4% i can end the MF
Or even 2-3% will be ok if it gives in a week.
Obviously there will be fluctuations so timing will matter.
But it is possible somehow?

I’d say, it is not possible with mutual funds.

Ok sir
I’ll keep that in mind. And will try other procedures.

It is possible with smallcase though?
Can you recommend me smallcase that suits my requirements?

hmm… :slight_smile: I don’t think making 4% a month in whatever format is easily possible. There might be 1 in 500 traders who is probably to achieve this consistently over and over again.


You can do it by purchasing stocks but definitely not possible in mutual funds. I can give you some stock suggestions (pm me) that may give you 4% returns in one month. But please note that there’s no guarantee in the stock market. If you’ve enough capital then we can diversify the investment and look for 4% returns.