Top performing mutual funds

Hey guys, let’s add mutual funds that are performing well consistently to this thread. The fund could be from your own studies, online discussions and recommendations, recommendations from other brokerage houses or any other place.

The intention of this thread is to give a kickstart to anyone who wants to start investing in mutual funds, hopefully in the right way.

Franklin India smaller companies fund
Franklin India prima fund

I have been investing in above funds systematically and found the returns good


If I allowed to name just one fund which is consistent and will be consistent in future it will be :- Motilal Oswal Most Focused Multicap 35 Fund. The fund managers are outstanding and their philosophy of investing QGLP (Quality , Growth , Longevity at reasonable Price) is very effective for a value investing. This is one fund you can continue forever. I preferred to choose pure Equity or pure Debt fund over Balanced funds.


This information in easily available on Value research & moneycontrol will lots of additional information.

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Please do refer below links

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Thank you for the posts so far, guys… lot of valuable information available here.

Historical returns aren’t that good.

Here are few options:
Aditya Birla top 100(G)
Tata India consumer fund
L&T emerging businesses fund
IDFC sterling mid cap fund

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Value investors don’t look history they just stick with their philosophy. Investing seeing historical performance is like driving a car seeing rear view mirror.

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History is very essential while selecting a mutual fund. Poor history means the fund manager(s) was not able to properly manage the capital. History repeats itself. Nobody would invest in a company whose past performance(fundamentals) have been poor but now it is giving BUY signal on technicals. While other good alternatives are available, one should not go with Motilal most focused fund. That’s my personal opinion.
Happy Investing!

A proven strategy never fails that’s the philosophy of MO Most Focus funds are. If you are not happy with that then its your choice. By the way here is the performance of this recent entrant::-

Risk Measures
Here is the analysis report by ValuereseachOnline:-
A very recent entrant to the category, this fund has delivered a good show in the three years since launch and also has a unique mandate. It has recently entered the rankings with a five-star rating, making its debut with a bang.

In line with all Motilal Oswal funds, this fund follows the QGLP (quality, growth, longevity and price) framework to select stocks. The fund is completely sector and market-cap agnostic. The idea is to have a true multi-cap strategy without any constraints. It runs a concentrated portfolio of around 20 to 25 stocks. This, it believes, gives adequate diversification to optimize portfolio risk, with a greater focus on the businesses chosen. The fund can also take concentrated positions in a few sectors at any point of time if economic growth is concentrated in only those sectors and attractively priced quality stocks are available therein.

While the track record so far is too short to draw conclusions about performance, the fund has beaten both benchmark and category by comfortable margins in the last three years. On a three-year basis, the returns are 17 percentage points ahead of the benchmark returns and 14 percentage points higher than the category returns. However, its returns as well as the investment philosophy have not been tested in a bear phase.
If you trust Raamdev Agarwal then you never would said nobody should invest in Motilal Oswal Most Focused funds.


Hi i want invest in any tax saving Mutual fund can you please suggest me any best tax saving fund for minimum 3 years period

Some good ELSS funds link online:

Is there any new best open ended midcap mutual fund for 1 year??
Please give ur suggestion

Some good midcap funds are mentioned on the links below:

Instead of googling and find the sites who say “Hello these are the best fund for 2017 or 2018”, I request the investors to understand what’s their purpose for investment, e.g. goal, investment horizon, risk capacity etc. We each have different requirement in our life and those sites cannot measure our requirement so please first define what’s is your goal and then only find the best mutual funds on the basis of that (that is your goal and requirement).

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How to exit from NFO closed end mutual fund

I want to explore “Fund of Funds” category and wan to know some of the best performing funds

Exactly sir,
Could u pls mention here decent site which will suggest MF according to factors u have mentioned above

Bro search about ELSS funds :slightly_smiling_face: