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Your order gets executed in how many trades?

BO itself is one buy and sell automatically right? So technically 1 order placed with, compulsory target and stop loss. which every broker considers as 2 legs.
So i placed 2 orders 4 legs

I doubt if you have ever traded BO in zerodha even.
You have all the wrong info my friend.
Had you traded that same orders in zerodha you would have been charged 80 only.

In BO charges are per trade and not per order.

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You can always use CO at Zerodha, though only difference is you cant place Target and TSL, other that CO is good as well.

Read till the end.


Bro, I’m trading BO through Zerodha since 3 years. I paid huge brokerage. Point to be noted is, 0.03 new. Old it was 0.01. Which i mean, if i place 1 quantity, example share price is

Thats the cost charges from zerodha. and samco? 20? bucks? crazy FFFFF I ever saw

@maddy_Des, Bro i take 100 trades or 200 in zerodha. Can you see? the picture, that’s the cost charges on single order. total of 0.12 to 1 on every trade we take.

What is the quantity per order.

Irrespective of any quantity. brokerage when reaches 0.03 to 20, if quanttiy is 1000, only charge 20. that’s maximum. But in case, if we trade with 10 shares example price of stock is 25 Bhel, samco is charging 200 lol. price moves 26 or 24. samco f is charing 200. what a joke!

I understand bro. Let me write more clearly. With two examples. Quantity is 10 stock price is 25. So total turnover amount is 500. Profit or loss (Lets ignore it) Focusing on charges strictly. on second example, quantity is 2000 stock price is 250. Now turn over is 5 lakhs. Zerodha charge list 1st example is .30 paisa with including stamp, stt and everything. it’s 0.30 paisa for quantity of 10. on second example it’s 300. well quantity is 2000, even if stock moves 1 rupee, I’m at good stage. Plus- BO orders are splits into 10’s of packets. sometimes even more than 50 differnt packets to acquire 2000 shares. So can you guess? I’m still confused how thats being charged.

For every 1 lakh turnover, irrespective stock price or quantity. In short, for every 1 lakh it supposed to 30 to 40 rupees max charges incur. Even if you take 10,000 quantity x stock price= xyz amount. Which is per lakh 35 on an average brokerage to be charged from zerodha. now what samco did ate my 80% margin in two trades. I’m so confused. i might wait for their call.


Now I am confused what the real issue is.

  1. In both zerodha nd Samco - BO orders are charged as per traded bits and not per order. So for that both are same.
  2. In samco you were told ealry on that they are going to charge 20 per order - no matter if you trade 1 qt or 10000 qt. Right?
    They did the same. You traded BO. They charged per traded bit and they charged 20 for that!

Zerodha told you different brokergae plan (max 0.03% or 20 ) so they charged as per their plan.

What’s the issue?

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I think I understand what @anon99108009 is saying. It’s like if you buy 1 share of YESBANK at 27 rupees, in order to breakeven the share price has to move above 47 rupees!

So there is no room for placing a few small orders to get a hang of their platform, because all your money will go in brokerage costs. That may be the brokerage plan he has signed up for, but it’s an absurd plan and I can understand his frustration.

Yes. But this is no excuse to call someone “fraud” for own stupiduty!

Samco didn’t hide this from anyone, did they?
He knew the charges. He just couldn’t comprehend the consequences of it.
When our gadget get faulty, we go to the repairshop and then ask the repairman the approximate cost. If repairs costing more and buying new is more feasible then we do not repair the gadget.
In short, one must calculate the costs involved in transaction. And then initiate the transaction.

And I think this wasn’t even the original issue. He was smart enough to divert the issue from “BO multiple trades” to “min brok per order”.

I will stop tracking this thread from now onwards. No more reply from my side.

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@maddy_Des @newbietrader

Bro, I Have no issues with @maddy_Des comments. My intention was to spread a message about SAMCO. I doubt if @maddy_Des ever placed BO, If So, What kind of stocks you placed?

Well, I’m trading with BO since 3 years. When you placed 3000 or 5000 quantity on less volume stocks or even with high volume stocks. BO will not allocate all shares in one packet. Like, Mis or Delivery order. In, Delivery or MIS as much as quantity increases, All the shares will be allocated in one packet. So, i placed only one order, they charged 20 buy and 20 sell. then again i placed 2nd order, they charged 20 buy and 20 sell. Now, apply your brains and think, how much would any trader or any damn person makes on that 1 trade? SHIT. Unclearly they deducted the amount instantly. Where as in any brokerage firm, brokerage will be deducted end of the day. It will be less than 1 rupee for both the trades, no matter any broker in this country

@newbietrader You almost got it bro. But what if BO quantity splits into more than 8 or 10 or 15 packets. we only place quantity at once. With an example i want to buy 100 shares of x company at price 200. BO from any broker will allocate quantity randomnly subject to availability. In this case, 50+25+10+5+10. Total of 5 pakcets. Now zerodha charge only 0.09 paisa according to this given transaction. But samco is charging 5 different packets for each buy 20 and each sell 20. Total of 200. What is this?

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You have no control over how much you can get charged for brokerage owing to execution

This can neither be disputed nor dismissed.

It’s a grey area where Z has also charged me multiple times for split orders, sometimes they reverse, sometimes they don’t

You just got to accept it as a part of the fee

I never charged extra from zerodha neither from Upstox or Sbi or wisdom capital.

You should start a poll and find out

As I said, it’s a grey area

I was also finicky in the beginning disputing every small fee. I learned that nothing will change.
All brokers including Z are full of surprises

I remember my meagre profits in a BO for FX trade wiped out because of brokerage.

This helped me understand how I should treat break even

I think it was 4 years ago, I threatened the Z customer care and they immediately arranged a call back with an explanation that did not make sense to me at that time.
Out of goodwill and for closure, they reversed the disputed fee