Total Bid bumber shown is 5,sum of all quantity does not equal total quantity shown,why? 2) IS DISCLOSED QUANTITY is shown in qty or total qty?


What you are seeing is the Market Depth/Snap Quote window.

The Market Depth window displays the Top 5 Bids and Offers at any given point in time. Orders which do not make the Top 5 will not be shown in the depth. There can be as many number of Bid orders. There is no limitation to this but only the top 5 Bid orders will be displayed in the market depth.

The Total quantity = Order quantity(for orders in which disclosed quantity is not mentioned) + Disclosed quantity(for orders in which the disclosed quantity is mentioned).

What this means is that if an order has a disclosed quantity mentioned in it, only the disclosed quantity will show in the Market Depth as well as the Total quantity.

Once this order is executed, the actual traded quantity will be added to the Total Traded Volume.

For example,

If you place a Buy order will your quantity as 500 and your disclosed quantity as 100, then only 100 will reflect in the Market Depth and only 100 will be added to the total quantity in the Market Depth.

Once the entire quantity of 500 has been traded, then 500 will be added to the Total Traded Volume.


if the snap window first best 5 bids only shown in depth,
1)totally how many bids allow?
2)if i buy stocks 1,00,000 qty by disclosed 5,000
will my total 1,00,000 reflect in total quantity or not?
3)or just 5000 qty only reflect in total quantity?


  1. There is no limitation on the number of Bid orders.

  2. Disclosed quantity has to be a minimum of 10% of the Order quantity. So if you place an order for 1,00,000 stocks, the minimum disclosed quantity has to be 10,000. If you make your disclosed quantity as 10k, then only 10k will reflect in the Market Depth. And only 10k will be added to Total Quantity.

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Answer for the 1st Question: Market depth only gives you 5 best bid offers. It doesn’t show all the orders.

Answer for the 2nd Question: Disclosed Quantity is a facility given by brokers to hide your real quantity. Minimum disclosed % is 10. If you want to sell 5000 shares, you can use disclosed facility and put 500 (minimum 10%). In this way, others won’t see how much you are really selling.