total transaction value

Is it possible to know in kite,the total transaction value of all intraday equity trades in the middle of the day or at any point of time betwen 9am to 3.30 pm like other plarforms. It is not visible in kite platform.

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You can download orders from tradebook and just add a new column like price multiplied by quantity separately for each segment, should give you transaction value during the day.

what you are saying is not realtime
I want in realtime
in realtime ,I am not able to know total value of transactions done in scalping,
this is to assess rough brokerage
as everyday brokerage is exceeding profit in day trading

Real time may not be possible, one has to do rough calculation for that particular trade at time of placing the trade as of now.

I found one solution
we can find BV Buyvalue ,
SV sellvalue, NV Netvalue in real time in Pi Platform.we have to keep open Pi and Kite platforms.