Track Bonds site to see all bonds

Is anyone using this site?

I was able to track all the bonds in secondary market on this site and was able to pick up few tax free bonds at > 6% yield. This site is down since morning…

What do you guys use to pick up juicy bonds?

Can also check goldenpi to buy bonds.

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I have seen goldenpi and am really not sure how it works… For the same bonds in secondary market, goldenpi says that the minimum ticket size is 5 lakhs while I can see and buy a single bond for 1000 change directly from secondary market…

Ya, that has minimum ticket size.

Thank you. Do you know why? The same bond is available in secondary market with no minimum ticket size…

Yes i use this a lot, its super useful!

welcome to the club bhai… Are you able to use the link… it is not working for me

it stopped working today :frowning: hopefully comes back up soon

How about this portal by Capital Mind guys:

these are very few offered by Capital Mind. There are hundreds in the market…

Yes GoldenPi is partial and wrong too and Trackbonds is down since long. No free proper website for bonds in India

I have now started using the NSE site to get intial data and then maually pull info. Cumbersome :frowning: but somehow managing

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Built a small replacement.

Give this a spin, and let me know any feedback :slight_smile:


I think you are using LTP instead of the lowest seller price… LTP is of not much use in such an illiquid market… also it will be great if you can remove pagination and provide column sorting…

Can anyone tell me which is the highest interest earned corporate bond ? I know I’m being insanely crazy here, but I’m expecting an interest of at least 10% PA.

Had a query, since I am investor in a bond, not in secondary market… Though I would like to understand how you narrowed down a choice while buying bonds? are you looking at higher yields?


Thanks for feedback AJ. Something to improve over this weekend, will post once i incorporate the changes.

You look at yield and also look at credit rating. Secondary market usually gives higher returns than direct subscription to primary issues.

Check :slight_smile:

Today, 875ERFL21 was traded at a yield of 33.52.

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Kiran, thank you. You are doing God’s work