Track details using Order Number & Trade Number

There is any way to track the details of any order executed and completed in past using Order Number and Trade Number so that i can confirm that its really related to that person who show me that order/trade record ??

I am not asking for my trade book , i am asking for someone else trade who show me screenshot of a trade …
I want to confirm that its relate to that person or its a fake .

that would be privacy violation. I don’t think it is possible.

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But i have details of profit loss in that trade , just want to confirm on stock exchange only…

@rohit_vaishnav U cant get that details…privacy concern even stock brokers are not allowed to provide trades details of one client to another…Hovever they provide details if any scams happend / FIR recieved in THIS CASE ONLY

Ok thank you

You can check using NSE trade verification.