Trade Advise Today Intraday


I am looking for reviews and recommendations according to your experience on what could have been done better in the trade today with the below details and logic :

I shorted the 19500 CE x4 Lot at the 9:45 Rs 47

The logic was that 15 min candle was a hammer and in 15 min it is also at the consolidation zone of 6th July (attaching screenshot)

I exited this around 12 PM at 68 RS and from there the regret of exiting happened as markets reversed exactly from there and if I would have held the loss further it would at the day end converted to a winning position.

Would like to know your views on how this could be improved and if the entry exits were wrong.

Thank you for helping me learn and grow here :slight_smile:

You could have waited for the confirmation candle.

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Thank you :slight_smile: