Trade At Price indicator

I am not able to find the trade at price indicator ?? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before but now I’m not able to find it. See the below image.

What is the trade-at-price indicator? Could not find on google as well.

It is not a technical indicator as such. It’s just a function/feature indicator of Streak which lets you enter at a particular price. Basically on an LTP basis. So suppose I want to enter SBI at 500 exactly I can do that with this indicator/feature.

Hi @Harshil_dave

This indicator is only available in the basis create mode. Refer to the below images to learn how to switch from advanced create mode to basic create mode and where you can find the Trade at Price indicator.

Hope this helps.


Refer this - Indicators - Streak Help

oh nice, I’ve been using streak for some time now. Didn’t know about this feature.

is this function a new release?? didn’t know either.

Anyways its Interesting, let me try implementing it…

I guess it was there before

There are many advantages to using price indicators in your trading strategy. Traders can benefit from its features.

I have recently started and i too didn’t know about this feature.

looks interesting ill try this…

Price indicators help the trader make swift moves, it is great and traders should use them in the process.