Trade in option based on nifty algo

I have simple 5sma cross 15sma buy sell algo working on nifty spot. When buy is generated in the algo I want amibroker to send buy signal to nest in nifty call option whose premium is around 20 to 25 rs. Is this possible.

We can not define which option strike price has 20 to 25 and as per above condition it is not possible.

you want to apply crossover to nifty spot and order should fire to nifty call option,am i correct?., and are you specifying strike priceā€¦?

Yes apply cross over to nifty spot and order should fire in nifty call/put option only buy side. The strike price should be detected by the amibroker, premium of 20 to 25rs. If we can add days to expiry calculation that would be super. If this month option is not available in the specified premium range within 400 points of the spot price, it should buy next month option.