Trade Request rejected by NSE in kLite


i tried trade on a couple of shares today and noticed an issue with them, this is error message i received

“rms:blocked for nse_cm venkeys-eq mis block type: all” : stock :VENKEYS
"rms:blocked for nse_cm deltacorp-eq mis block type: all" : stock DELTACORP
I tried on MIS/CNC/BO but no luck

i also noticed few restriction like this

  1. I cant place some orders in MIS they just accept in CNC why is that case ?
  2. rms:rule: check holdings ,no holdings present for entity account-****across exchange across segment across product
    This is not allowing me to sell myshares before making any purchase/buy…

I am pretty new to trading, my questions may sound basic one do guide me with these.
thanks in advance.


When stocks are moving up and down fast or a lot of speculation on it, exchanges move them into a category called T2T. Once in that category, you can do only delivery based trades(CNC). That is buy, wait for it to come to your demat after 2 days and then only sell. Check this link on knowing how to see the category of stocks.

Also suggest you to go through Kite playlist of videos.


Why don’t zerodha disallow (disable MIS) for such scripts while placing order itself. why it has to come as a response. What is the use of technology then? you already know some script has hit lower freeze or upper circuit so disable the MIS option altogether.