Trade Rocket big delay for the first time

I have been using Traderocket with Streak successfully. But today, it seems to have caused a big delay. I can see in the order log a Sell Alert at 10:57 but then Actual User Action following that is at 12:31 pm. I assume that the User Action in the log indicates when the Trade Rocket sends the order. Can anyone confirm? Or did this delay happen at the exchange?

hmmm i think this is trade rocket issue itself. maybe he can help you with what to do @TradeRocket

today it worked fine for me as usual. make sure your system was active with auto refresh on and screen awake plugin also added, usually these two things help me make it run smoothly

Thanks. I suspect that a Chrome Update might have caused it so I have disabled updates.

BTW, I have never used twitter handle to communicate and use email. That handle @TradeRocket seems to be some other company in USA. I think the plugin is by some developer in India as I had seen some forum messages earlier.