Trade war effect tomorrow

Most of the Asian markets were in red due to trade war. I am not sure if it is over or not.

If it is not over, will it affect our Indian market ?

I think holi holiday saved our market from a downfall. Please share your thoughts on this

agree with you on holi part … saved atleast 100pts in Nifty
but tomorrow might not be a very bad day for bulls

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I am also expecting there might be low to medium movement in tomorrow market.

Looks like we are headed for a massive gap down opening on Monday. The news of Trade War is discussed as a Black Swan event all over the internet and tomorrow could very well be a Black Monday.

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i was in a bit of quandry about the same but the quote J. Livermore comes to mind…

There is no bull side or bear side…there is only the right side…

what matters is what you plan to do when the market changes condition…


“We have only 2 percent of our exports to US, so no immediate dent, but validity of Section 232 is stretched to be used as tariff barrier,” India’s steel secretary Aruna Sharma told Reuters.

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I think this will affect India in a different way in future not immediately. For example China may reduce export to us and if it exports to the same Country as our steel companies, then price war between indian steel companies and Chinese companies may occur, resulting in low profits for indian steel companies

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You are right, we are opening gap down…