Trade winnig.but no leverage

Now I can make daily profits in intraday…overall This week I did 15 trading. .14 trades was winning…now I am using small amount 30000.I never use leverage in zerodha…my stocks can’t use leverage in zerodha…zerodha leverage is available for main equities for only…what I do…

There are over 400 stocks that can be leveraged, you could build a watch-list around those stocks.

When you put in this kinda post the below kinda posts are bound to follow -
“Hello Sir. How are you sir? Great Sir? What strategy you use sir?”…

What’s up me 8880999097

I was just teasing you for your success in trading bro. I myself am quite sustainable in trading!
But it will be great for community if you publicly share your strategy here. Either you will get inputs from others and improve. Or more more people start trading your strategy, more the success chances.
Remember, indicators, strategies etc work because traders behave according to them. If traders start gradually shifting from specific indicator that indicator no longer remain valid.