Traders Delight

Central bank, this is one of the stock , which defy " Fundamental analysis" and also Technical analysis , but a traders stock !!!:slightly_smiling_face:


But there is no fno on this stock so we can only go for buy side cash…please give some info on trading this

Yes this is not a FNO stock, a BTST or Day trading stock. Its in a range of 50 to 100 from last 2 years, It respects moving averages & moves along with RSI. Traders can buy at oversold region of below 30 RSI and sell after 1 or 2 days, if you look at the chart, patterns are repeating again & again, it may move today after a consolidation but not guaranty.
( Please note that this is not a recommendation, I strongly recommend not to trade based on my opinion, i am just posting the observation, **Only high risk taker can trade/ Nifty is at its High level

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