Traders meet or forum in bangalore

Just looking for some forums or a place where traders are meeting live and sharing the experience.

Is there any such forums or place in bangalore? I know trading is more of a lonely profession but eager to see if any place or regular meets are there to know and connect with people share knowledge and thoughts etc…


If trading is a psychological game, the conviction has to be subconscious.

Heard interviews of many traders currently popular in our country, 98% of them claim their trading edge to be their own product. Many of this successful crowd claim they never borrowed ideas or listened to what other popular traders around them had to offer.

Meetup for fun or other social needs maybe, but these meetups contributing to the trading career, not so sure.

Of course i completely agree. Trading is a solo game😀… However i just was curious to know if any such meet up happens to get to know people in same industry…

Note the location moves around.

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I knew about this… These are usually sponsered forums with large price… But a good one to meetup

If you are looking for a forum without paying anything then better to stick with online forums and groups.

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No matter how many connections you build, in the end the only advice you must listen to is your own. Your personal thoughts and dreams won’t match another’s. Follow your heart and try not to get carried away by other people’s advice.

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Online forums are a great place to learn and grow as others can only give you an idea of how you should do. But what you actually do depends on what you analyse. So, stick to it.

@Sreeram_Ganeshan1 completely agree with you, is there any meetups in Bangalore where we can discuss about our trades, what could have been done better etc, its very difficult to find such community. If not then lets create one.


Thanks ekansh22… Its better to start with something online and then explore the options of meetup