Traders who suffered loss due NSE techniqal glitch

what happens to the traders who suffered loss due to the techniqal glitch that happened some time ago in NSE ?

As far as I know, we ourselves are liable for any losses incurred.

I remember back in 2017 when NSE had that huge technical issue for several hours (cash segment was down whereas futures was up), there were speculations that NSE might nullify the trades during that period. But that never happened. NSE stood by the trades that were done and that was the end of the story. (I had a small profit that I was secretly hoping would not be taken away from me :grin: )

Anyway, if that disaster was not treated as NSE’s financial liability, I really doubt any small glitch would.

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The biggest glitch currently is the Zerodha technical glitch where you can enter the BO /CO but can’t exit.All those who play with large capital could loose their entire money.


technical glitch its just begining the complete movie is about to come ,even u lives in america there too occurs technical glitch,u all can stay safe from this by increasing the time frame to 5 hour (dont go for less than 4 hours)

It is for nse only or even for mcx???

Don’t know it’s for equity for sure.