Trades Log App for Windows 10

Hello Friends

I want to share with all of you about an App which runs on Windows 10.

I simply love this App.( This is not a promotion )

I think It may help somebody like me to track their trades over the time to improve their trading.

That is QuantSense most of the features are free. There is some upgrades if you need.

Just see the app details and If you like Give it a try. It is helping me to track my trades to see what is happing over time with my trading.

@Speculator Do we have to login with our Zerodha Trading Account to sync the trade information?
Or This app is just a demo and we will perform Demo Trades in the app?

@Lets_Invest it is not a trading app. It is to record your trades. We have to manually enter the data like trade entry time, trade type ( long or short ), Entry price, Quantity, Exit time, Exit price, Profit or loss.

I record every trade of mine to know the status of trading over the past.

@Speculator Sounds Good.
I do this old Fashion.
I maintain a Diary and write Everyday trade in that.
I’ll Download this app and Let you know.

we can get all the details inclduing the time of our trades in zerodha q tradebook …
no need to maintain a seperate database for this

Zerodha has Q (Quant) that analyzes PnL days, profitablity, etc. But, right now it is non-functional. Zerodha is building next generation Q. I hope that would have better features etc.

@nithin, @siva can provide more timeline details and some teasers whats coming in.

Yep. I know but Quant is not getting updated from last ten months. Mean while I used this app which helped me in positive way to improve my trading. (Note : I am only consistently profitable from last ten months only )

This is just a suggestion which may help other traders.

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I use a very detailed excel spreadsheet. It’s highly customized to my own trading requirements. I do agree that one needs to rigorously document trades in order to be profitable in the long run.

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