Tradescript backtest results widely different from Chart readings

I am new to Tradescript and wanted to create a simple buy script whenever the CLOSE crosses the PSAR (0.02, 0.2). So, I used CROSSOVER (CLOSE, PSAR (0.02, 0.2)). This is for Alumini17JanFut 5-min charts.

The results are very perplexing as they are anomalous.

For instance, the backtest shows me that I should have gone LONG at 21:15:59 (on 12-01-2018) at a particular price. When I see the charts, there is no crossover of Close and PSAR at all!

What am I doing wrong?

Also, is there a way in tradescript to see what values are being fed by various functions/primitives/scripts?
For instance, I would like to know all PSAR (0.02, 0.2) values for the last one day for a 5-min interval. I want to know this for checking if I am going in the right direction.

Use the Back-Test Engine on Zerodha Pi ONLY to double check if the Tradescript codes you want to use on Scanner or EA is correct.

The Pi back-test engine has bugs. For precision back-testing use Amibroker.

Ok. Thanks.