Trading account only

I want to open trading account only, not demat. Is it possible?because i am a day trader and already have demat account with other broker.

It is possible you can do intraday equity trades and do F&O trading. No need to have demat account.

it means i need to pay 400/- for a/c opening charges for equity and commodity trading a/c.
kindly suggest, i want to open trading a/c only.

(Rs. 500/- in favor of “ZERODHA” [This includes Rs 200/- Trading Account & Commodity Account Opening Charges And Rs.100/- Demat Account Opening Charges])

Don’t know about the prices you can mail [email protected] for further details or you can visit

@niftysoni You can open a trading account. All you need to do is submit the corresponding forms. However, if you wish to do intraday trades, you’ll be required to link a demat account. It can be your existing demat account. This is required since if you were to buy a share intraday, but are unable to sell it (in case the stock stops trading due to it hitting a circuit or any other reason), there needs to be a demat account that the share can be credited to. Also, the selling of the shares from your demat will have to be done through the broker you have the demat account with as Zerodha will not have PoA (Power of Attorney) over said demat account.

The trading account forms have to be submitted in physical form as the online route will allow you to open a trading and demat account combination only.

Thanks :slight_smile: