Trading Beginner

I want to begin trading on the kite platform. But i feel i don’t have the complete knowledge how to do so. Rather i am not confident enough right now to begin trading, as trading involves real money . Any suggestions?

you can check below youtube playlist to get started on Kite. It gives you a brief idea on kite platform.

you can also read varsity to learn markets

Read Zerodha’s Varsity program, it’ll give you all the basic knowledge of stock market, after that try paper trading for few months and once you get comfortable then start trading with real money (also when you do start with real money start at small scale, then increase gradually)

let me get real, and cut all shit for you. It’s easy enough to google all kinds of stuff and “theoretically” know about markets. That part everyone ought to know in today’s time. And that’s a small part you need to do.

You know traders who have been in this market for 10 and more years still fight all kinds of shit to stay in this game. And i am talking about the real deal, people who eat,sleep and sacrifice all kinds of things to stay in the game of trading. That’s how hard it is. It never is as easy and will never be.

You know you might be able to get a glimpse, reading varsity and paper trading. But that’s scratching the surface of the metal. You want to make a dent, a cut in the metal. Grind, hustle, sweat, eat dirt. Whoever said and made it look easy, well they are full of shit.

Forget making money man. When the surgeon is good enough, he just makes the operation, and money comes in the process. He isn’t thinking about the money.

You want to be the surgeon. You know what it takes. Years and years of grind. it’s not the best analogy, but you know where i am shooting at.

So, honey laced words, will not get you anywhere. Trading is just more than the markets. Its about you.

Almost all of us came here for the money. But time ll adjust your perspectives. And that’s when, you ll discover your “why”.

To sum up, this is one of the hardest game in the world. You need more than suggestions.

I know most people don’t like to be confronted with the truth. Good luck, prep for the grind, till the fat becomes the muscle.



You are absolutely spot on. Professional trading (consistency) has nothing to do with the mkt. It’s about self.

  1. Accept that you are going to lose money
  2. Trade with 1 lot (FnO) or few shares for at least few months
  3. Read varsity before putting your first penny at risk to avoid silly trades (Selling naked options, buying stock in a downtrend, averaging etc.)
  4. Bring money to the table and forget about it. You shouldn’t need that money for living in near future
  5. Don’t tie goals to trading (I will buy nice mobile, a bike etc. from trading income)

This should get you going, all the best…!

Read the book “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas.

I wish someone told me this when I started trading

Awesome man.

Awesome man. Blockquote

Stay away from trading. The system is rigged against you. It’s mainly because of the regulator and the rest because of utter silence of the brokers. Tread at your own risk.

For peace of mind-stay away

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