Trading, boon or bane?

All retail day traders are always on the lookout for tips and strategies, which is a sure shot way to set yourself up for the losses- if not immediately then definitely in the short term.

If you want to have even a 0.01% better chance of getting success then first of all stop watching, reading etc all stock related tips and strategies.
By not doing this you will definitely have an edge over the smart :moneybag:
Find your own logic/ strategy; back test/ paper test; apply and more Importantly DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYBODY


If more and more people come to know about a working strategy, it fails. Professional traders don’t share their strategy.


true. No one tells their own strategy. But if you pay fees they can reveal the secret.

Do they share their strategy for money? I do not think so because having a working strategy means having a minting machine. In that case they don’t need to look for peanuts by selling their strategy…



The guy ( @DahiyaRavi ) is talking about himself. He is one tireless con who never gives up. Always trying to play his lil… dirty game whenever there is bit of opening.

So, you are saying
If I pay Rs10000/-, they will reveal the secret to make Rs20000/per month.

Good luck with your :moneybag:

Nobody is professional traders, they are professional gambler.


Even if we pay also they don’t share real strategy they just give us normal tips only

afterall in this market money comes from one person to another. why they will share real strategy??

The only thing one person can control in trading is minimising ones losses.Whatever be the strategy provided that it has 60% accuracy with perfect loss management can make you consistently profitable.Its not the strategy that matters but discipline in managing a loss.Last week I had 55% return but this week I have only 4% so far.This is only because I lacked the discipline that I had last week.Its all on how I manage the 40% non accuracy in my strategy.This is the only secret of trading.


That’s the magic of Stock Trading.

You nicely written about discipline ,
but still you can’t control yourself.

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It’s a matter of seconds.I made one small mistake and it cost me around 20% profit to be 5% loss.But I bounced back yesterday with 10% gain.Monday I had another 10%.So I am up 15% this week.Losses will happen no matter what.Consistancy is the key.5% loss is bearable for me.So no problem at all since I recovered it next day and made profits above that. @NeverMind There will be days where you will fail to keep the discipline.Expect the worst possible loss and be prepared.My loss will not cross more than 10%.Thats the only thing that matters to me.So if I made a loss of 5%.its a success day for me since I managed to keep it within 10%.

If anybody uses strategies given by popular YouTube channels especially where views are in access of 5,000 I strongly suggest not to apply it on your trades at least not in the exact manner.(even if it’s working on back testing)
I’ve been thinking of creating some kind of forum for retail traders where they can know how and why of losses they experience using these OPEN strategies. 90% of the time the trade will go against you by following online trading strategies.


Trading is Bane, wo bhi Dark Knight Rises wala :wink:

Hi @sabyasachi_sadhu you mean to say… You are also a Professional Gambler?

Please throw some light about Professional Trading & Professional Gambling. Just curious to know about it.

Thanks in advance.


The difference is that professional gamblers risks his own money while a professional trader risks others peoples money(OPM).

Can you give an illustration to support your statement??

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Well, I disagree! Let’s take some examples.

  1. Dilip Buildcon
    Everything is good with this company. You’ll never get to know what’s happening with the management.
    The stock is almost 45% down. If you had invested in DBL, you would be in 45% loss right now.
  2. Vakrangee
    Again the same thing. Everything was looking good.
    So, investing is also a gambling as you will never know what’s happening inside the company.
    On the other hand, traders rely on technical analysis. They are using mathematical studies while taking trades. Trading is analyzing the probability.

Well investing is a process based, which have a historical backup of its success. It’s not a speculation but relied on real fundamental data. Also you are wrong saying investing in DBL is a loss, it may be paper loss but a true investor never get nudged by its temporary money loss as long as it value is intact. We consider value not the price. A trader is a speculator, thinking that he has the control on random price movement (Fooled by randomness). We buy value not price. Also you give best education to your children but can you give guarantee that he/she will be a successful person?