Trading competition



I want to start by thanking you for providing such a wonderful platform and facilities for trading. You deserve every success you have got and more,.

I wanted to know is it possible for Zerodha to conduct a trading competition among its traders? I recently came across Trade-a-thon by NSE. Though the initiative was very good, I did not like the rules a lot. The time period used by them was very less.

I really miss the reward in the 60 day challenges. A trading competition would be exciting. You can put a small amount as entry fee and this could be distributed among the winners.

Some of the rules could be

  1. Trading competition of 6 months or more.
  2. Minimum capital of Rs 500000 (or more)
  3. You could use various criteria like Total profit % (% of the capital), Maximum Peak to Valley Drawdown, Standard Deviation, etc for deciding the winner. You know better than most of us since you were a tyrader yourself.

Trading is a very boring job. This could pep up the traders. All the above are just suggestions. I know nothing about regulatory rules, etc. You are the best to decide.

Trading is a very boring job.

…and here i was thinking Investing is a boring job, and i should start trading a bit. :sweat_smile:

By the way, as it is, people don’t shy away from taking risky positions without proper knowledge of the instruments they are playing with, and then blaming Zerodha for it. Incentivizing such folks to participate in competitions would only increase such issues.

In case the regulations do allow for it,
i hope the bar for entry would be much higher.
Something like…

  • Successfully completed the 60day challenge first.
  • Completed reading the relevant chapters in Varsity.

:slight_smile: I guess both are equally boring.

Your extra conditions can be added too though I’m not keen on the finishing chapters in Zerodha Varsity part. Profitably completing of minimum 2 or 3 60 day challenges can be a criteria.

Eagerly awaiting Zerodha’s response

SEBI regulations don’t allow any competitions as such.

Check this document from SEBI from earlier this year (page 25).

No person shall organise or offer any scheme/competition/game/ league on securities or related to the securities market.

Btw when trading, boring is good. If it is too interesting and competitive, it can be be a problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for replying and clarifying.

No arguments there :slight_smile: