Trading cross currency pairs

I recently read an article in economic times that the SEBI has allowed three cross-currency pairs for trading. @nithin By when do you think these pairs will be available for trading on the exchanges?

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its NSE’s decision to bring it or not, they may be beta testing it. they have not said anything about it yet, its like if u r a man and 21 years old u r legally allowed to get married, but to marry or not is your choice and decision.

The regulator said stock exchanges shall submit its proposal for launch of the currency option with details of contract specifications, risk management framework and surveillance systems

On September 1-2017

What you can do for now is create a synthetic cross-currency trade. Explained in the link below.

Exchanges and SEBI are already in agreement to launch these pairs. Just a matter of time. That’s why I was hoping @nithin could clarify.
Synthetic cross-currency futures trade is fine. The real fun will be in trading cross- currency options trading.
I hope SEBI allows trading in cross-currency options too.

Sebi has mandated to provide options too fr cross currency pair as in Mar2016 circular. Similar to u everybdy is waiting since.
The issue I think is with exchg timings mandated by Sebi(9am-7:30pm). Just fr 3scrips they might not want to keep the exchange open. So they discussed extending trading timings fr all which was not fruitfull. Lets hope something at the earliest. If they hv to regulate cryptocurrencies, they need to keep cross currencies in place.