Trading dairy march-19

Start trading with 10k.

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Today’s trade.

is this with a 10000 deposit? You are making scintillating returns on the buck… kudos to you.
You should explain the trade plan as well.

Exactly my thoughts.

@gopchem Is this on a consistent basis? if so, congrats, these look like great returns on a 10000 deposit.
I don’t trade options yet but, could you help in sharing your strategy/plan. Might be useful when checking for other stocks.

My trade planed well before.

Yes this is on 10k deposit. I will discuss my thoughts behind trade after 3 months, if i survive still that time in market. I will not trade everyday, when a stock move in a familiar way i will take position, otherwise watch , wath and wath them.
RELIANCE give perfect buying opportunity in call option. Beml and IBULHSGFIN put also was in my radar and they also perform well. Thanks in advance.

Hey Congrats…

If u r really doing trading with 10K capital account , You are earning around 30% returns every day which translates mind blowing annualized returns which will make u a billionaire in a year. Keep rocking brother.

How to do u enter a trade and do u keep any SL while entering the trade?

Actually i started with 9k only.
I never buy low , buy high and sell higher.
Follow few specific fno stock every day . When break a range and make trend i took call or put.
No sl used when entry criteria break i exit. See RELIANCE, beml and IBULHSGFIN.
Thanks bro.

I really feel very happy to see a retail trader making profits consistently.

So you don’t hold any position overnight? and how do you book profit?

That depends on stock behaviour. Today’s jublfood put was taken for overnight but stock move other way and i exit. But my view was right it closed at 32 possibly it will move high tomorrow. Today i have no trading plan hence would not make any trade tomorrow.

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Ok…Thanks for the reply bro.

But in case of overnight positions how do you hedge the position?

what if stock opens 2-3% down?

Your entire capital will be gone in a single trade?