Trading fulltime or parttime and which platform you are using

  • Fulltime PI
  • Parttime PI
  • Fulltime Kite
  • Parttime Kite

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Those who vote for fultime kite pls share why not PI for full time

Not using Pi due to hiccups and also need to sit at my table to trade.,

Kite I can do from anywhere. some times even while at waiting at Traffic Signal I check Positions and Book profits.

@Nandha207 why dont u add something like “non zerodha” platforms. Many hv trd acs with other brokers.

Not possible to add now. If trading in other platforms pls comment here which one you are using and how its better than zerodha

I recently started using other broker platform full time coz i felt zerodha is not improvising pi and instead guiding traders towards kite which is not versatile enough fir full time traders

Which platform you are using and how it is better than PI. Make sure its from a discount broker

Its better. Its made for 64bit edition of windows10. Faster, lighter on CPU (no heating up issue for laptop even with two monitors) & stabilty.

But i wont name & advertise other brokers in this forum. ( I still feel zdha will improve pi & i will come back to pi sometime)


Full time Kite
because it is advanced in charting
i don’t like pi because it is very unstable. litlle bit sad with zerodha now .

Full time Kite User because to be honest its the best all around Trading Platform available in India. The others like Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Tradestation have to be bought to be used fully and there is also the hassle of buying the data connectivity with it.

So Kite shines in all these aspect as its free for Zerodha users, its fast, stable, modern and web based. Very happy to be using Kite actually. And to be honest Kite have made tremendous improvements on all aspects since the version that was available last year. Now its really a full fledged Trading Platform that is fully stable, reliable and gets the job done easily without resorting to some bloated desktop application.

Hence Kite is the trading platform of choice. Thanks to Zerodha for making it so and may they continue to improve Kite.

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Fully agree with @ManishAstral. It is a pleasure using Kite. I have traded with multiple brokerages ICICIDirect, HDFC, Indiabulls, Angel, JRG and now ZERODHA. I am most happy with ZERODHA and KITE.