Trading History of Nitin

Hi Nitin, What did you use to do during your time? Option Buying or Option Selling? Index?

In 2013, I was interviewing a few of our customers who were trading well. Check this

@hanan did one interview with me on my days actively trading stocks. :slight_smile:

By the way, I keep talking about this; trading isn’t just trading stocks. It is about trading your time to do what can have the risk-adjusted outsized return. So I haven’t stopped trading, Zerodha is the biggest trade of my life.


Thank you Boss for the reply.


@nithin , Though 60 day challenge is over, can you have these kind of interviews arranged with most profitable customers now ???

Hi @jhakkastrader

We’ve already planned this and made considerable progress but have hit some roadblocks due to other priorities. Will update it here.


@Meher_Smaran we can all meet up here Tradingqna community virtual meet up - #33 by CN_ib

not sure on the profitability part !

saturday evening it seems


Yeah. Let’s meet up :slight_smile: looking forward to the call

Caught up in a philosophical quandary on this. :slight_smile:

An issue with such interviews making heroes of traders is unnecessarily putting pressure on them and maybe also distracting them from trading itself. This is truer today in a world where social media has taken over. All of this is perhaps not good for the trader as well.

But that said, I also understand that listening to traders who have done well is an excellent way to learn. Hence the quandary.


Maybe the devil is in the medium, not the message. Most of today’s interviews w/ traders on social media are superficial…like a story on India’s got Talent, or worse, clickbait to sell you something.

If you can do it in a sophisticated manner, the Indian Market Wizards is waiting to be written.

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@nithin sir , this inspired the ’ beginner me ’ to the world of trading challenge back in 2018. A person from my hometown was in the top winners . Lost more than a lakh in the rush to win the certificate.

After all those mistakes and premature money management, now I am consistently in profit from last 7,8 months…and the challenge program is long gone.

What a miss :grin::heart_eyes:

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