Trading Holiday: Why is commodities trading happening?


Today being Shivratri is a trading holiday for MCX.

Given that commodity markets are internationally traded markets, it is obvious that other markets in the world will continue to trade them like any other day.

I notice in my Kite application that there are bids and trading is happening. Does this mean that I can also trade today?

What happens if I do trade today?


Mcx is open for evening session (17:00 to 23:55 ) today. You can trade normally as any other day.


Oh. Not to nitpick, but can I check this on MCX website?

Also, my intraday trades will get through and tallied at the end of the day?


Yes it’s there on mcx website.

They have color coded morning and evening sessions. red+red= full day closed, red + blue = morning closed evening open. Yes your intraday trades will be executed as any other normal trading day.


Thanks for quick response!


You can add all the market/trading holidays to your Google calendar at once. Check this out. The good people of Zerodha have made our lives easier.