Trading in Nifty ETFs

I would like to trade market/Nifty but not individual stocks as they are very risky compare to the market hence I am not comfortable trading individual stock. I am also looking for some flexibility in terms of holding on my trades as the market can stay at a particular level for a prolonged period of time, therefore, I do not want to trade in futures due to expiry at a time and significantly big position. to overcome these issues I have been reading about various trading instruments as a result I found out about exchange-traded funds(ETFs).

Now i am thinking of trading ETF just like normal stocks but before I begin I would like to know any experiences people may have trading them and i have a question to clarify. can we really trade real-time nifty level in ETFs just to gain marginal moments of the index? if yes and the markets move against me then can I hold on to the position for as long as I want(not thinking of short selling)

If anyone is doing or has done this type of trading in ETFs before please share your valuable experience with me.

Thank you

It is possible to trade in ETF’s but liquidity is big issue, Nifty Bees and Bank Bees have decent liquidity but still you will have to use Limit Orders to avoid slippages.

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Great thanks a lot