Trading is blocked for your account as one of your KYC attributes is not verified with the KYC Registration Agency (KRA)

I am unable to validate the same on NSE KRA as it just gives me the enquire option. I have been trying to reach out to the Zerodha helpdesk since morning (multiple calls) but no one is answering. I have raised tickets but no response as yet.

I called NSE and within minutes I was able to speak to their customer service - infact I got a call back from them, clarifying on a query I had raised in my first call. I am impressed by their responsiveness. They have adviced that this is to be resolved by Zerodha directly and they cannot help at this point. There are many investors who are facing this issue.

An entire trading day is gone and the team is completely incommuicado! Who is accountable and how do I get a resolution?

Also, I wanted to exit positions today but was unable to do so!

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Yes same problem for me today zerodha blocked my account gave link but no option in that link to verify mobile and email throught otp , i think zedodha has to send us nsekra verification link through email which will expire in 8 hours , i got one on January but i missed thag email , i submitted a ticket to zerodha hope they will send me link, unlike other kra nse does not have direct webpage for investors to verify, so i think through intermediate like zerodha only we can verify when they use thier intermediate nse account to send us link through email to verify email and mobile

Hi @dreamzunltd and @meprasanna, the option to validate email and mobile number has been removed by NSEKRA. We’ve escalated about this to them.

In the meantime, please complete the Re-KYC process using Aadhaar. Here’s how: How to reactivate the Zerodha account?

I am facing the same issue. I need to do KYC with Dotex KRA.
However, I did a re-KYC with Zerodha, using the link provided by @ShubhS9 above.

Is that sufficient enough to reactivate my demat account?

I have faced similar situation. But I got my KYC validated on Karvy KRA on 30-03-2024, but still trading is blocked in my account. I couldn’t make any fresh orders but allowed to exit my open positions. With fear of Squaring off, I exited all my open positions. I was holding long positions on Banknifty, HDFC and kotak.
I tried to contact on Zerodha helpdesk, raised ticket, but no use.
It has been more than a week, but they didn’t update the records. Opening a new account is much quicker!
Don’t know, if they can resolve this by Monday or not.

Same issue. what i dont understand is , i did the re-kyc on zerodha sometime in October… and still the ended up in this mess.

@ShubhS9 How are you sure this time the kyc will be correctly updated? my kra is cams and this is remarks “EMAIL / SMS NOT VALIDATED”

I have validate email address and mobile number via OTP. Do I have to rekyc ?

If you did Rekyc via aadhaar, then your details are sent to KRA again which should solve for updating your KYC details. You may receive an email from Dotex instructing the same.

The records at KRA may take up to 5-7 days for it to update(depends from KRA to KRA). If your KYC status is validated, you should be able to trade by Monday.

When you do rekyc, you get to proceed with the same details or update details. If you choose to update(shown in the above screenshot), the details are updated at KRA/exchanges /Zerodha/other intermediaries. Else, rekyc details are updated at Zerodha/exchanges and not at KRA. Guessing when you did earlier, you proceeded with the same detail. In anycase if your KRA is CAMS and want to validate, you can visit their standalone link and complete email/mobile verification.

For the benefit of people on forum,sharing other KRAs link too

KRA Validation Portal
NDML Client_Initiated_KYC_Web
Karvy KARVY | KRA Verification
DOTEX A. If contact details in Zerodha are correct - Request a reKYC via AADHAR.

B. If contact details in Zerodha are not correct - Update them on the Console.
CAMS Cams Investor Service Centre, Mutual Fund Distributors in India,

No, Wait for the KYC status get updated. Once updated, you will be allowed to transact like earlier. You can track the status on Explained here What is Know Your Customer (KYC), and how can the KYC status be checked?

I dont remember if i have done update and proceed with same details… Nevertheless, Just today i have done rekyc with update details as per aadhaar. How many days will it take to get it verified ?

as of now, if i try to update mobile, email via camskra it is showing otp sent to some old phone number.

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Rekyc completed → Rekyc approved/verified (Max expected TAT is 2-3 days) → Details updated at respective KRA. (Max expected TAT 2-3 days)

Hi Shubham,
Apologise for direct DM. I am stuck need help.
My spouse account Is blocked () due to kyc attribute .
We are currently not in India . NRO conversion is in progress . The phone number linked to Aadhar is out of use . There is already a ticket open but it’s not moving .
Already had couple of calls . Please help with this situation .

in these 2-3 days, i cant exit my holdings if the targets are reached. any solution to the problem?

As suggested on msgs, did the KYC again at Zerodha but as all the details were correct, picked proceed with no change and uploaded ITR etc. Kindly suggest if that is enough and CVL will change the details?

At zerodha and Aadhar card, mobile is latest which was changed 4-5 years back but PAN card has picked some really old mobile number.

On trying to do KYC validate through CVL, it is showing that mobile number is not validated rest all of the things are validated.

This is as per SEBI directive.

Both mobile and email have to be verified. Since at CVL, your mobile isn’t validated(assuming it’s wrong/no access), you will have to complete Rekyc on Zerodha by selecting Update details as per aadhaar(explained in the above thread) and complete esign. (This is because KRAs need an esigned form to do any modification at their end)

Please note: If you did rekyc at Zerodha by proceeding with the same details, your details will not be updated at KRA.

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thanks @Alwin for the reply…

I have already initiated re-kyc on saturday. Anywhere to track the re-kyc process on zerodha?


Done the re-KYC through Adhaar on Zerodha, how much time will it take for Zerodha to activate the trading?


You’ll get an email as soon as it’s processed.


I just checked at income tax portal, the mobile number against PAN is the latest one, not sure why it is dated at CVL, it is causing huge losses.

this sebi circular is drocanian … its crime not being able to exit cash holding. i will be at loss if i dont exit cash holdings

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To be on safe side, I tried open demat account with another broker on 6-04-2024, and they are allowing trading today. If KYC is problem, it has to be problem with all brokers, isn’t it?
Zero working days. Why is opening new account is quicker than validating KYC??