trading laptops

which laptop configuration is good for trading.
and iam trying to do multi monitor setup for viewing charts?

Normal decent if you are using for general purpose, i3 or i5 or Amd ryzan 3 series, 128 gb ssd and 8 gb ram and hard disk as you want normaly 1tb sata hhd with hdmi or tander boalt (if you able to found this in low range) support, and of course dock to add 2 monitor for better configuration

Check r/buildapc on reddit they will help you

I would say something multi core is something which is totally cool for now - I would say something like 8 core system would be ideal for modern applications for whatever you may think of them anyway. I do hope it will work wonders there with all your monitors as well

8 core 9 core 10 core… it really doesn’t matter.

you can setup multi monitors with a budget laptop and a HDMI cable. Trading charts doesn’t suck extensive RAM and resources.

As a famous trader once said, I can trade using pigeons and still outrun you on profitability at the year end.
The fancy tools necessarily don’t make you a better trader.

Yes, its understood you need a computer. But that’s it. We are not calculating the orbit of the moon.